Healing Modalities Offered

 Spiritual /Intuitive Counseling

Since I was a child I've felt peoples emotions and have known what they were feeling. As an adult that has turned into knowing what that person is going through and how I might best be able to guide them to health. Although I have taken many psychology  classes, I am not a licensed counselor. I work strictly with my inner knowing and spiritual guidance.

​​Chakra Clearing and balancing

 Chakras are spinning energy centers  directly connected to both our physical and energy bodies (aurora).  There are seven primary energy centers located along the spine and have entrances both in the front and back of the body. Each center processes and holds aspects of our life stories, and the assumptions we've made about our experiences, as well. At times our energy centers are sluggish with emotional scars or debris from those life experiences. As I read each chakra, I am able to help  release the denser energies thus keeping each chakra moving freely.

Light Body Clearing

This goes hand-in-hand with Chakra cleansing and balancing. Our light body, or aura, acts as our atmosphere dissolving personal negative attacks, or physical abuse that effect our energy field causing us to feel dis-ease. After a while those hurts become like a large meteor that breaks though our atmosphere, or light body, and leaves a scar causing that dis-ease to become disease. We get sick from the outside in and must heal from the inside out. As I am clearing the Chakra centers, I also clear the light body of congestion so it will not go into the physical.


When something is difficult to see, or find, we need light. Illumination acts as a flashlight that shines on our darkness and illuminates it so it can be seen and healed. Once the obstacle to your growth and health is seen and removed, that space is filled with celestial light so nothing but the light and growth can exist.

Core Belief Harmonizing

In our lives we have experiences that lead us to a belief about ourselves that is based on the insights of a child or adolescent. When we are faced with these immature insights as an adult, there is an in-congruency that often stands in the way of our  desires for success and happiness. When we work on harmonizing those childhood core beliefs with our adult-selves, we begin to
to release inner conflict and bring harmony and peace into our adult lives. It frees us of the blocks that keep us stuck in  past childish beliefs.

Soul Retrieval

When we were children we may have been fun-loving and happy only to be told to "grow up" or "stop acting like a child." We may have been given a lot of responsibility and not allowed to be a child, or experienced physical trauma. When this happens that childish aspect of who we are goes into hiding not allowing us to be who we truly are. If you've ever felt that something was missing and you couldn't quite figure it our, chances are you've hidden an aspect of yourself that is needed.
A soul retrieval allows that lost aspect of self to be reunited with the individual so there is a complete sense of self.

Property Clearing

When we shop antique stores or buy homes that someone else has owned, it's a good idea to clear the object or home. Often the energy of the previous owner will linger. This is different from what many refer to as 'haunting."  Haunting is different. Sometimes spirits don't realize it's time to move on, or they feel they have unfinished business, or don't want to admit that it's time to move on, either way property clearing is a process that will clear negative energy and allow light to exist.

​Dream Interpretation

In this process we walk through your dream together and I will guide you to finding the answers you have inside yourself. It is my firm belief that if we can create it we can interpret it. Sometimes we simply need a little help.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that clears the chakras and light energy body allowing for physical healing to occur. It aids in healing mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Death Rites and Funeral Services

When a loved one is dying it is difficult for the family and friends to watch the process. The Death Rites allows everyone to participate in helping the individual begin their new journey. I have been trained in hospice and have been at the side of loved ones at the time of their transition. It is truly a beautiful and freeing experience.

Surrogate Healing

Surrogate healing is a vicarious work wherein one person stands in for another to aid in a transaction. This is used  to help a loved one, who passed unexpectedly, or in a shocking manner, to move to the next realm in a gentle loving way. Or, with permission, a family member who is  unable to be present for the healing may select another to stand in as a surrogate or substitute for that healing

About The Center

Many of us have tried various forms of mental and emotional therapy to bring balance and peace to our souls without success. I know I have, but when I began my journey into energy healing and balancing the light body, also known as the energy body, I was  finally successful.                            

 Chico Harmony Center is about helping people, like me, bring their hearts into harmony with their divine purpose on this earth through energy work.

​​​"We seek outwardly what we recognize internally; our real quest is finding and connecting with the divine within ourselves." Oleta Bryson

 My Purpose

 As an energy transformation practitioner I am dedicated to helping others bring their heart into harmony with their divine nature by guiding them through their release of painful memories and emotional trauma, as well as  finding and changing limiting patterns and false beliefs in order for them to move closer to their highest potential, and the life they deserve.