The fire ceremony is transformative and is used for many purposes: to help us in releasing traumatic memories or emotions we are holding on to, requesting  help in manifesting our highest potential, giving thanks to our teachers and guides here and in the spirit world, or simply reconnecting to the earth and the elements.

In the first half hour to forty-five minutes we will be preparing for the ceremony by opening sacred space, learning how to enter and leave the fire area, receiving the words for  the chant we will use for the evening, preparing our offerings for the fire, and learning how to use the fire to cleanse our energy centers called chakras, and we will do a shamanic journey to know what we would like to honor or release.

We will be using drums or rattles during the ceremony, so if you have one or the other, 
please feel free to bring it with you.

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About the Fire Ceremony

     The fire ceremony is steeped in tradition and is considered sacred. This Native American
      practice can be performed any time and is especially powerful during the full moon when 
     the veil between  the worlds is the thinnest. 
    I experienced how thin the veil can be, when we are dealing with our sun and moon, during
     the annular solar eclipse on May 20th of 2012 when this appeared in my back yard.

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony 

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