In this dream, I was looking down from a high place and saw a horse lying staked to the ground unable to stand. He was quite still under his bindings of tiny threads, stretched across his body, held in place only by small wooden stakes pounded into the ground. I didn't know what he was doing there.  

"Who are you, horse?" I asked. "What are those threads that bind you?                                                                                                               

"I am not a horse," was his reply.

"Then what are you?"

"I am a Pegasus."

"Why do you look like a horse?" 

"So people will accept me." 

"Why don't you spread your wings and fly? 

"I cannot for I am bound." 

"What are those strings that bind you?" 

"These are the excuses I use to keep myself grounded" 

"But, why do you want to stay grounded? Why don't you spread your wings and fly?"

​He looked at  me and said, "They kill Pegasus,"

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding comes to us
 in many different ways, and from many Sages.

​​These are just a few insights I've gained through Journeys and Dreams.

      I stood in my Sacred Garden excited to meet my guide for fire when suddenly a beautiful but surly dragon stood before me. His flaring nostrils smoked as he bent toward me to look into my eyes and scowl.
Before I could speak, he opened his mouth and ate me; he took me into the depth of the earth and spat me out. I was surrounded by a blackness that was only broken by the light of glowing hot stones surrounded by red-black lava. It was frighteningly awesome. It was beautiful.
      I looked at the dragon and asked him what I was to learn; he just glared at me. I felt myself tensing for a fight, but then I heard the drum calling us back from the journey. I demanded that he take me out of that place. He puffed smoke, leaned toward me and snarled, “Get your own self out!”
       My tension grew to anger as I glared at him. ‘FINE,’ I shouted, as he disappeared. And I did.
       I was furious that he’d left me there. When I again faced the dragon, I was livid. Standing toe-to-toe with that arrogant dragon I demanded, “What is your problem?
       He raised his brow at me and growled, “You are inappropriately unappreciative of your trials by fire!”

Crucibles teach us who we are, and what we’re made of.

The Dragon Speaks

When I attended a shamanic retreat in New Mexico, I, along with the rest of the class, was taught to journey into another dimension to visit and learn about the four elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. We followed the sound of the drum to our sacred place where we met an elemental spirit guide that would help us with the element we were focused on. When it came to the element of fire I met a particularly nasty dragon. The following is an account of that journey taken from my journal.

The Dragon Speaks